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The Underserved vs. Unserved for Remote Patient Monitoring.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The Underserved vs Unserved for Remote Patient Monitoring.

Dr. Nick Turkal, Chief Medical Advisor to Lohman, provides his perspective on access to care, especially for the elderly. “Along with access comes a great deal of comfort. The worst thing I can see is that a patient is afraid due to lack of access and that they’re not being monitored. The RPM has now become a form of access. When patients are in their home and are living in fear due to lack of access – the future will largely entail accessing patients at home, making it easier for them instead of harder.”


Are you ready to unlock cardiac care to your unserved & underserved patient population through Remote Cardiac Monitoring?

Connecting Patients, Providers, and Peace-of-Mind.

The HomECG+ solution has been engineered for both the UNSERVED and the UNDERSERVED so there is better chronic disease management of the at-risk for AFib population resulting in positive patient outcomes.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This content does not provide medical advice and is not an attempt to practice medicine. Please consult a healthcare professional for medical assistance if you think you are experiencing AFib or may be at risk for AFib.




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