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Salvo Health and Lohman Technologies Redefine Connected Care for GI Chronic Conditions.

The strategic partnership increases access to comprehensive care, monitoring and telehealth for those with chronic conditions, empowering better outcomes for patients and GI providers.

MILWAUKEE, WI. (March 21, 2024) Lohman Technologies announced today its strategic partnership with Salvo Health, uniting to bring innovative solutions to market to empower patients with next-generation technologies for accessing care. The partnership is a testament to the shared vision of both companies in advancing digital connected care.

Salvo Health’s mission is to radically increase access to interdisciplinary, “whole patient” care for those with GI and metabolic liver chronic conditions. The addition of Lohman’s HomECG+ monitoring device to Salvo's wraparound care solution enables daily remote monitoring and support to the patient.

"Through our partnership with Salvo Health, we're revolutionizing GI healthcare for IBS patients,” says Jason Dvorak, President of Lohman Technologies. “By leveraging Lohman's cutting-edge, FDA-cleared technology and our shared commitment to patient-centric care, we're poised to open up better care for the over 40 million Americans suffering from common GI conditions."

This collaborative effort aims to enable GI practices and health systems to bring in-home patient monitoring to patients who often need to manage conditions daily in the months between in-clinic appointments. Salvo’s teams of registered dietitians, GI-trained nurses, and behavioral health specialists and tools leverage Lohman home devices as part of an evidence-based, personalized, outcome-focused, and cost-effective approach

"With the integration of Lohman’s solution, Salvo now has valuable information directly from the patient's fingertips daily, transmitted securely over cellular networks to their care team within minutes,” says Jeff Glueck, Co-Founder and CEO of Salvo Health. “Our goal is to put the HomECG+ device into the hands of thousands of patients in the coming years. This will radically increase access to continuous, daily chronic care, all tightly coordinated under the supervision of the patient’s trusted local physician."


“Our goal is to put the HomECG+ device into the hands of thousands of patients in the coming years.”

-- Jeff Glueck, Co-Founder and CEO of Salvo Health.


About Salvo Health

Salvo Health focuses on enabling local providers across the country to provide wraparound care for chronic GI and metabolic liver conditions in a hybrid approach. Patients remain under the care of their trusted local physician, adding the best of Salvo telehealth and app-based daily support for follow-on care. To learn more about Salvo Health, visit their website at

About Lohman Technologies

Lohman’s patented solution, HomECG+, ensures a direct connection between the patient and their healthcare providers, eliminating the need for a smartphone or WIFI technology. This not only enhances efficiency but also expands access to critical cardiac monitoring services. For more information, visit



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