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A CEO’s Perspective on RPM

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

“This is the time to be more lean and create solutions that will be clinically and cost effective.”

Chief Medical Advisor to Lohman Technologies and former AHA executive, Dr. Nick Turkal, sat with Lohman’s President, Jason Dvorak, to discuss the current and future state of all-things-RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). The retired President and CEO of Advocate Aurora Health (an $11B health system with 26 hospitals and more than 500 sites of care throughout WI and IL), discusses the importance of EMR integration, patient access, health equity, and more.

For your convenience, each video is less than 3-minutes:

Current State of Healthcare

“Nobody would design a healthcare system today based on the way it's currently working. It’s evolved into this messy situation.”

Dr. Turkal provides a CEO perspective on RPM and the current state of healthcare – from staffing to technology. “It’s the perfect time for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions to help solve staffing shortages, cost pressures, and inadequate reimbursement models for the services provided.”


Access to Care

“The worst thing I can see is that a patient is afraid due to lack of access and that they’re not being monitored."

"The RPM has now become a form of access. When patients are in their home and are living in fear due to lack of access – the future will largely entail accessing patients at home, making it easier for them instead of harder. Consider the elderly and the all-day affair to go see their doctor. If we can do half of this versus all within a clinical setting, it's going to be much more cost effective."

For Part 2 "Access to Care" click here



“Get the best outcome for a patient and do it at the appropriate cost."

Dr. Turkal, discusses the economic value of today’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions. Solutions such as the HomECG+ enable healthcare systems to reduce the amount of hospitalizations, allowing the less-ill patient population to stay within a lower acuity setting.


Consumer Wearables

"Any device or RPM that gets put in place needs to be part of the EHR."

“Consumer-based cardiac monitoring devices have been targeted for a population who have been worried about things. This data can be confusing to both patients and their clinicians and needs to be integrated into their care continuum as part of their health care. The consumer-devices are creating awareness, but have also added a layer of confusion in the market. What the HomECG+ solution is doing is picking up issues earlier for patients or following up with existing patients, and the data is accessible and available right there within the medical record.”

For Part 2 "Consumer Wearables" click here


Health Equity

“Health equity gets a lot of discussion, but not a lot of movement.”

“The role of health systems now is to reach out to patients to make it easier for them. Erase some of those inequities. There was a belief a number of years ago that you can’t ask elderly people to use electronics or do things online. Today’s data shows this simply isn't the case anymore.”


Clinical Workflow Integration

“There's a process for adopting new devices."

"When we get to the clinical level, is this product going to be extra work, will it integrate, will it help my patients?”

For Part 2 "Clinical Workflow Integration" click here


Value Based Care vs Fee for Service

Dr. Turkal explains the shifting mindset to a Value Based Care healthcare model. "Every doctor I know loves the concept of population health and value based care. The HomECG+ device is elegantly simple. It delivers high-grade clinical information and integrates directly into the healthcare system which healthcare providers can act on immediately.”


Home ECG Plus Device

The HomECG+ from Lohman Technologies provides an effective solution-as-a-service that can help empower revenue growth, enhance patient outcomes, and provide peace of mind.

For more information about the HomECG+ solution, click here.



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