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The Sedona Series: A Perspective From The Lohman Advisory Team

Introduction: ECG Data is the Common Thread that Binds

Last week, the clinical advisory team from Lohman Technologies had the privilege of attending the Mayo Clinic Cardiology Update: The Heart of the Matter 2022 in Sedona, AZ. As nurses, we are no strangers to conferences and continuing education, but this one was different.

For the last few years, we have immersed ourselves in the world of atrial fibrillation (AF), remote patient monitoring (RPM), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes…and a host of other acronyms…learning how to bring true innovation to the cardiac patient care space.

All too often, we’ve seen practitioners view a single healthcare statistic without stopping to examine the associated sequelae and downstream effects. Packed with experts from around the world, The Heart of the Matter conference provided the latest updates on arrhythmias, COVID, hypertension, heart disease, the need for intervention, and more.


Healthcare professionals generally understand each of these individually – but what happens when we stop to scrutinize how these are all related?


The most important tie that binds these topics and patient types, we believe, is the need for ECG data – and more importantly the need for patient access to ECG devices.

What if we could hit the rewind button on a diagnosis…a hospitalization…or even a death?

What if we had a solution that was realistic and suited all patient and provider types? This conference continued to validate our hōm ecg+ solution – that the healthcare community needs a more integrated, more accessible, and more innovative solution for at-risk patients.

Stay tuned for our three-part Sedona Series as we share more from what we learned from the experts!


For more information about the Hom ECG+ solution, click here.



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