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The Latest HomECG+ Promotes Health Equity with Ease of Use and Embedded Cellular.

Updated: May 19, 2023

The latest version of the HomECG+ helps close the health equity gap by providing access to care for all patient types, including rural health, underserved populations, geographic disparities, and low-income populations.

MILWAUKEE, WI. (March 2, 2023) Lohman Technologies recently announced the release of their 2.0, next-generation, HomECG+ product. The FDA-cleared, clinical-grade remote monitoring solution for atrial fibrillation (AFib) detection is attracting both patients and providers for its integration capabilities, ease of use, and direct connection feature. The embedded cellular capability enables patients to bypass complicated apps and expensive smartphones by sending ECG data directly to their provider, which then integrates directly into the provider's existing RPM (remote patient monitoring) or EMR (electronic medical record) platforms.

“Health equity is a core value of our overall mission,” says Jason Dvorak, President of Lohman Technologies. “This solution fills a void for patients in both remote and rural environments, and for patients who may not have a smartphone, which requires the complexity of using apps to communicate with their provider. HomECG+ takes all of this out of the equation by sending a patient’s ECG data directly to their healthcare provider.”

The HomECG+ solution is attractive to large health systems that serve a broad patient population requiring remote cardiac monitoring. “As a handheld device, we can use the HomECG+ solution as a precursor to a wearable or potential intervention,” says Dr. Robert L. Baker (FACC) from Nevada Cardiology Associates. “All the patient needs to do is place their thumbs on the sensor pads, capture a reading in less than a minute, and their providers can take it from there.”

About Lohman Technologies:

Lohman Technologies is the creator of the HomECG+ solution, an FDA-cleared, clinical-grade remote monitoring solution for atrial fibrillation (AFib) detection. Lohman Technologies' mission is to continuously improve and impact the care continuum through innovative remote cardiac monitoring, collaborative partnerships, and the promotion of health equity. The HomECG+ patented mobile solution connects patient data directly with their healthcare providers without the need for a smartphone or WIFI technology. For more information about how Lohman Technologies is connecting patients, providers, and peace of mind, visit

For more information about the HomECG+ solution, click here.



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