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Connecting Patients, Providers, & Peace-of-Mind: Improving the Patient & Provider Experience

How often have you listened to a medical device company pitch their product? Is the focus on product features and technical specifications that are designed to dazzle you? Chances are you were not dazzled…and in fact you were likely left wondering how the product is going to impact the overall quality of life for patients and improve my business. Most often the medical device landscape is void of what clinicians are really looking for…a SOLUTION to connect the patient and the provider. This becomes not only a want but a NEED when it comes to remote cardiac monitoring of vulnerable populations.

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) impacts millions of Americans each year and is linked with debilitating diagnoses such as heart failure and stroke. Other damaging disease processes continue to be linked to arrhythmia development such as aging, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, obesity, and sleep apnea1. With such a large patient population at risk every day, the healthcare community and our patients deserve a solution with substance and not technology dazzle and feature spotlights.

According to a recent McKinsey report, physician belief in telemedicine has declined across all visit types since its peak in 2020 and clinical appropriateness may be the most crucial variable for deciding how and where to increase the utilization of telehealth2. Vendors must understand that physicians and patients view telehealth differently. Providers want remote cardiac monitoring to be simple, they want vendor-neutral integration, and they want technical flexibility to help them better manage chronic care patients. Unlike our competitors who focus on product FUNCTION, Lohman Technologies places emphasis on our customers’ pain points. Through collaborative partnerships with remote patient monitoring companies, we provide a SOLUTION for earlier recognition of Atrial Fibrillation.


“The art has three factors, the disease, the patient, the physician. The physician is the servant of the art.”

– Hippocrates


Healthcare is a business but the practice of medicine and managing patients is an art. The connection between the patient and the provider is at the core of this concept. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once stated the importance of this many years ago. At Lohman, we have moved beyond the features and are focused on matching the clinical workflows for the clinicians and the patients.


The alignment of the product with the clinical workflows allows providers to truly be the servant of their art.

The at-risk for Atrial Fibrillation population can be better managed through monitoring, efficient diagnosis, and timely treatment. The right time to treat patients is closest to an AF event and this requires a monitoring solution that removes the patient as the middleman and integrates directly into the provider’s existing workflow and care pathways. This requires a solution that connects the patient and provider to improve their experience and enhance their healthcare journey

For more information about the Hom ECG+ solution, click here.






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