Curator's Gallery Template - ActiveDen Creative/Portfolio Site Templates 54262
Curator's Gallery Template - ActiveDen Creative/Portfolio Site Templates 54262
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This Item Designed By mbudm @ ActiveDen and Post in Creative/Portfolio

Update March 2010 the seo version of this template now includes CSS for iphone so none of your site visitors miss out. As this requires php it can't be demo'd on Activeden so point your iphone here to see this feature:

The mbudm#002 Curator's Gallery template is aimed at photographers, designers, architects, artists and product managers anyone who cares a lot about how the visual presentaion of their work. To this end the design is minimal, and highly customisable. The layout possibilities are endless and the site structure can handle a lot of material as well as a small portfolio of items. The features of the mbudm#002 template are designed to make things easy. Easier for you to customise the template to suit the needs of you and your client as well as easier for the users of your site to navigate, use and enjoy the visuals you are presenting.
Flexible site structure 3 examples provided
The mbudm#002 template can be used for any amount of site content, from a small collection of 10 15 images on one topic through to a vast gallery web site containing many collections of works. The site structure can be nested' as deeply as you like making it easy to organise large amounts of content into manageable sections.
To demonstrate this flexibility, the preview is actually 3 separate templates and these three examples are included as part of the download.
Five modules
The mbudm#002 template lets you choose pages/site sections from five module types designed to help you customise the template to your liking. Of course a navigation item can also link to an external URL .
1. Text module
This module type is for pages that are predominantly text. It has one textField with support for inline images and html/css and it includes my utility, Automatic Table of Contents which can be switched on and positioned to your liking.
2. Index module
The Index module is the key to the flexibility of the mbudm#002 template. The index module provides limitless layout possibilities via the unique grid system'. To use the grid system, you simply follow this easy process.

Decide which of the items in the folder you want to feature
Decide what text you want to add to the index page (if any)
Decide on the size of the grid for example 5 boxes wide by 3 boxes high.
For each of your featured items and your text, create a for each item. This lets you set the size and position of your item as well as the custom text or image you want to use
That's it! Now the index module will fill in any parts of your grid not occupied by your items with all the other items in your folder. If you have more items than there is space available, extra pages are created and page navigation appears.

As you browse through the mbudm#002 template you will see that I have created a different layout for almost all of the Index pages. Of course, if you want to have a plain index page with no customisation, this is also possible as is shown with some indexes in the Archive section (of the large example).
3. Media module
The media module clears the decks' the site logo becomes smaller, the navigation and footer are hidden and the navigation tools for the folder are shown. This is all done because the aim of the template is to let the visuals become the main focus of attention. Whether you are displaying photographs, paintings, product images or videos the media page ensures that only the necessary navigation and information items share the available space.
4. Form module
The form module is quite customisable, as the form fields are editable in the XML file. The XMl is also very easy, because it uses as much standard html form tags as possible.
5. External swf module
This module loads a separate swf of your choice. It can be configured to receive onResize() broadcasts plus it can also be set up to call another function at the root of your external swf and pass a parameter to this function. One example of how this can be useful is for calling an initialise() function in your swf.
Deep linking
The mbudm#002 template includes inbuilt methods that can be used in two ways to navigate within the mbudm#002 template itself. These utilise the Coordinate or Id system. The Coordinate system let's you link to pages 'relatively', for example, page 2 of section 3. The ID system lets you target a precise page no matter where it is in the site structure. The mbudm#002 template is smart enough to know what navigation option you are using and updates the main navigation site structure to enable you to see where you are.
The back button and friendly URLs
The other aspect to deep linking is the ability to use the browser back' button, and to be able to bookmark any page. As you navigate through this demonstration site, you might notice that the browser location box changes to reflect where you are in the site. This is achieved by using the SWFAddress system. If you specify an ID for a particular page then the URL will use this instead of the standard coordinate system. This means that you can create friendly' urls that help people remember where they are (and what it is that they have bookmarked) and give your URLs semantic meaning.
Full SEO solution
The mbudm#002 template comes with an optional index.php file. This file is a customisation of the SWFAddress SEO solution. This file generates a text version of your site that can be read and indexed by Google. As this is a gallery template, this is particularly important for use with Google Image Search. Users who search in this way will be shown a thumbnail of your image, and when they follow the link to your site they will see the full sze image within your Flash Gallery.
To use the SEO solution you require a few things. These are fairly stock standard things that most web hosts provide, but check with your hosting provider if you are not sure.

An apache web server that has php version 5
The ability to create .htaccess files on your server
The ability to switch on the phpmodrewrite setting on your server

Of course the standard SWFAddress deep linking mentioned above does not require these server settings and works quite well for most websites.
Support for Google Analytics
The beauty of using SWFAddress is that support for tracking where your users go with Google Analytics is also supported.
Background Cross-Fader
You can set a background image or SWF for each page, each section, each sub section or none at all. The background will crossfade with whatever background is currently present and will resize with the browser maintaining the image or swf scale.
Change the theme
Choose two colors to create a theme
All graphical elements in the mbudm#002 template source their colors from the main theme' object. Changing the colors in the main theme' object is a simple matter of specifying two colors a base' color and a composite' color. The theme object then creates tints and shades of these two colors which will be used by all the graphics in the mbudm#002 template.
...Plus use CSS to change the color of anything
In addition, if you don't like the theme' color that has been chosen for a particular item, you can add a CSS override for that specific item.
Layout options with XML
The mbudm#002 templates in the preview is show three different ways of setting up the site layout.

Large Fixed size of 900px by 550px (plus margins). If the browser is smaller than this then the scrollbars kick in
Medium A Minimum and maximum size is set so the site is fluid' until the browser is bigger than the maximum or smaller than the minimum
Small Only a minimum size is set, so the site will scale up with the browser to any size.

The complete list of layout settings are:

Fixed width/height, minimum maximum width/height. This means you can have a fixed layout, partially fluid or completely fluid layout
Margin top, left, bottom, right. Pixels or percentages
Navigation offset X Y
Navigation items space, for each tier in the hierarchy
Logo offset X Y
Logo width
Grid System in index pages (see above)
Framing options for media items
Padding and offsets for media page navigation items
Content padding top, left, bottom, right. Pixels or percentages
Footer padding top, left, bottom, right.
Footer aligned with content

CSS control of text styles
All text items in the template are controllable from the one CSS file. Support for embedded fonts is built in. All you need to do is add a font symbol to the library and use the export name in the CSS file. You can easily change:

Navigation font style (different style for each tier in the hierarchy)
The main text box style
The page heading text style, plus the space between the heading and the main text
The table of contents heading and link styles
The footer text style
The loader label text style
... plus many examples of custom inline styles for emphasising text or creating custom sub titles in text.

Mouse wheel and keyboard scrolling
The text areas in this module all have a smooth scrollbar, as does the whole site window. In addition to these scrollbars, mouse wheel functionality has been added. To top it off I have also added in support for PageUP and PageDOWN as well as the UP and DOWN cursor keys. These scrolling features also kick in if your browser window is smaller than the desired site dimensions (set with fixed or min and max height/width) this causes the whole window scrollpane to appear, which of course also has support for the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys as well.
This cross OS mouse wheel functionality is made possible with the use of the MouseControl class' from MrSteel and the SWFObject add-on: MouseWheel on Mac OS from pixelBreaker.
Code customisation
For the more experienced actionscript developer who may want to modify this template even further, you will be pleased to hear that the code is well organised into base clases and classes for UI and design. All code is commented and this documentation provides an overview of how the code is organised so that you can quickly identify what you need to make your customisations.

Update history
14 Aug 2009 first release
8 sep 2009 Added form module
9 December 2009 Faster loading and scrollbar improvements
8 March 2010 Support for Non-latin characters, iphone css added

Key words: Creative Portfolio,Site Templates,mbudm,art, artists, black, clean, fluid, fullscreen, google analytics, grid gallery, infinite, iphone, mpeg, photographs, seo, video, white.

Hope this item is useful and helpful for you! Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Curator's Gallery Template - ActiveDen Creative/Portfolio Site Templates 54262

Tags:Creative Portfolio, Site Templates, mbudm, art, artists, black, clean, fluid, fullscreen, google analytics, grid gallery, infinite, iphone, mpeg, photographs, seo, video, white

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