Columns Gallery - ActiveDen Image Galleries Viewers 180467
Columns Gallery - ActiveDen Image Galleries Viewers 180467
ActionScript Version: AS3 Documentation: Well Documented Flash Files Included: Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files, HTML Files, PHP Files Opens With: Flash CS5 (10+) Published Size: 105kb Resolution: Resizable

This Item Designed By Animated_Creativity @ ActiveDen and Post in Image Galleries / Flash Image Viewers

This is an elegant gallery with a nice display style. It is fully OOP based.

The action script classes are well-commented and every symbol is properly named in the FLA library. XML file are well commented.

NOTE : E-Mails on the Contact Forms will not be sent due to restrictions.

XML SETTINGS 1. galleryWidth width of the gallery
2. galleryHeight height of the gallery
3. galleryTitle gallery title
4. galleryTitleColor gallery title color
5. galleryBackgroundColor gallery's background color
6. galleryBackgroundAlpha gallery background's alpha
7. leftMargin left margin
8. rightMargin right margin
9. topMargin top margin
10. bottomMargin bottom margin
11. titleMargin title margin
12. columnWidth width of columns
13. columnGap gap between the columns
14. columnSideMargins side margins for columns
15. columnItemGap gap between column items
16. columnItemHeight height of column items
17. columnBackgroundColor column background color
18. columnItemBackgroundColor background color fo column item
19. columnDisplayCount number of columns to display at once
20. columnTitleColor title color for columns
21. columnTitleMargin margins for column title
22. columnScrollSpeed scrolling speed for columns greater the speed, slower the animation
23. alphaSpeed transparency speed greater the speed, slower the animation
24. itemScrollSpeed scrolling speed for items greater the speed, slower the animation
25. itemScrollMargins scrolling margins for item
26. itemBorderThickness border thickness for an item
27. itemBorderColor item's border color
28. columnCoverColor columns' cover color
29. columnCoverMoveSpeed movement speed for a column's color greater the speed, slower the animation
30. columnCoverTextColor text color for a column's cover
31. buttonBackgroundColor button's background color
32. buttonTextColor text color for a button
33. buttonVerticalMargins vertical margins on a button
34. buttonHorizontalMargins horizontal margins on a button
35. nextButtonText text for next button
36. previousButtonText text for previous button
37. playButtonText1 text for play button
38. playButtonText2 text for play button
39. sizeButtonText text for size button
40. fitToScreenButtonText text for first size drop down item
41. fitDimensionsButtonText text for second size drop down item
42. originalDimensionsButtonText text for third size drop down item
43. musicPlayerBarCount number of bars for the music player
44. musicPlayerBarWidth player width
45. musicPlayerBarHeight player height
46. musicPlayerBarColor music player bar color
47. musicPlayerSong song to play on the player
48. musicPlayerBarGap gap between the bars
49. musicPlayerBarSpeed speed for bars animation
50. musicPlayerPlaying whether the music will play by default
51. musicPlayerVolume music player volume
52. imagePaneBackgroundColor background color for image pane
53. imagePaneMargins margins for image pane
54. bigImageHeight big image height in precentage, should be less than 70.
55. bigImageBackgroundColor big image's background color
56. bigImageMargins margins for big image
57. imagePaneControlsBarBackgroundColor controls bar background color
58. imagePaneControlsBarMargins control bar margins
59. sizeDropDownBackgroundColor size drop down background color
60. defaultBigImageSize default image size
61. bigImageScrollSpeed scrolling speed for the big image
62. slideShowPreloaderWidth preloader width for the slide show
63. slideShowPreloaderHeight height of the preloader
64. slideShowPreloaderColor1 slide show preloader color 1
65. slideShowPreloaderColor2 slide show preloader color 2
66. slideShowPlaying set whether the slideshow will play by default or not
67. slideShowImageChangeTime slide show image change time in seconds
68. slideShowSpeed slide show speed greater the speed, slower the animation
69. descriptionBackgroundColor background color for description text
70. descriptionTitleColor title color for description text
71. descriptionMargins description margins
72. descriptionScrollBarWidth scroll bar width for description
73. descriptionScrollBarDraggerHeight scroll bar dragger's height
74. descriptionScrollBarColor1 description scroll bar color 1
75. descriptionScrollBarColor2 description scroll bar color 2
76. descriptionScrollSpeed scrolling speed for description
77. descriptionScrollMargins scroll margins for description
78. contactFormWidth width of contact form
79. contactFormHeight height of contact form
80. contactFormMargins contact form margins
81. contactFormTitleText contact form's title text
82. contactFormBackgroundColor contact form's background color
83. contactFormCloseButtonText close button text on the contact form
84. contactFormLabelColor label color on the contact form
85. contactFormEditTextColor text field color on the contact form
86. contactFormEditTextBackgroundColor contact form text field 's background color
87. contactFormEditTextBorderColor contact form text field's border color
88. contactFormLabelWidth contact form label's width
89. contactFormEditTextWidth text field width on the contact form
90. contactFormEditTextMargins text field margins on the contact form
91. contactFormFieldGap gap between the contact form fields
92. contactFormMessageTextHeight contact form message's text height
93. contactFormNameLabelText contact form name text
94. contactFormEMailLabelText contact form e-mail text
95. contactFormMessageLabelText contact form message text
96. contactFormResetButtonText contact form reset text
97. contactFormSubmitButtonText contact form submit text
98. contactButtonTopMargin contact button's top margins
99. contactButtonRightMargin contact button's right margin
100. contactButtonText contact button's text
101. windowBlockLayerColor window block layer's color
102. windowBlockLayerAlpha transparency for window block layer
103. windowShowSpeed show speed for window greater the speed, slower the animation
104. dialogBackgroundColor background color for dialog
105. dialogMargins margins for dialog
106. dialogButtonGap gap betweet dialog buttons
107. dialogConfirmResetText dialog' reset confirmation text
108. dialogTextColor dialog's text color
109. dialogNameErrorText dialog's name error text
110. dialogEMailErrorText dialog's e-mail error text
111. dialogEMailFormatErrorText dialog's e-mail format error text
112. dialogMessageErrorText dialog' message error text
113. dialogMinimumWidth minimum width for the dialogs
114. dialogDataLoadError dialog's data load error text
115. dialogSuccessMessage dialog's success message text
116. dialogMessageErrorPrefix dialog's message error text
117. dialogLoadingDataText dialog's loading data text

*Images in the preview are purchased from and they are not included in the file you purchase.

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Hope this item is useful and helpful for you! Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Columns Gallery - ActiveDen Image Galleries Viewers 180467

Tags:Image Galleries, Flash Image Viewers, ActiveDen, Animated_Creativity, any, as3, color, columns, dynamic, elegant, gallery, image gallery, oop, photo gallery, resizable, simple, slideshow, xml, xml settings

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